Friday, October 15, 2010

Making Gil In FFXIV - Part 2

If you caught my last post about making gil in FFXIV, we covered some of the basic ideas behind making money: buy low sell high, craft for profit, inventory stagnation cost, etc. I also made a point off mentioning that in the current system, one can adequately get by using leve gil and item rewards to outfit themselves - wearing what rewards they can, selling what they can't, and purchasing or trading for items they need. Crafting things yourself can be fun, but is not necessarily necessary.

Since you're still with me, assuming that you are if you're reading this, it's probably safe to say that you're looking for more than just getting by. As of last night I was sitting just above 1.7 million gil - and while that may not impress some, it's definitely more than just getting by with the basic necessities. Even so, my character has yet to equip rings, bracelets, or other extravagances - many of which I've sold plenty of. Those things, while important to some who may be looking for top physical or magical performance, are not important to my primary goal at this point in time. That goal, of course, is to make a sizable amount of gil prior to the market normalization. I expect that this event will likely occur sometime before PS3 release and will be greatly influenced by the recent market ward system update.

Regardless, the real thing that many new players want to know is what they can sell for good profit. And while this may be different from server to server, there are some safe bets that can help you to make gil.

The first apparent need that I ran into as a new player was manifested from a lack of fire crystals. I could not find these at all when I first started out and aside from leveling my ore-based crafts strictly from leve synths, this was a major clinching point. I soon found myself farming these by killing fireflies and glowflies in the Limsa area. I later discovered that star marmots and first-tier coblins dropped them occasionally and that the second-tier of these families dropped them a bit more frequently.

It wasn't long before I realized that another deficiency was a lack of wind shards. After a little investigation I discovered that these shards could be obtained through gathering with highest points into wind resists and by killing sheep and later puks and dodos.

The biggest thing here is to pay attention to what the crafting classes need. I can tell you that selling fire shards at the blacksmith guild shop would probably net you the most sales, while lightning crystals would sell well at the weavers guild.

If SE's previous MMO, FFXI, taught us anything it was to never underestimate the power of selling to vendor. Obviously, not everything you come across in the game will be worth getting excited about, but it would be a good idea to take some time as you clear your inventory to notice which items pull in decent returns. Marmot pelts are a level 20-ish leather synth but also sell for somewhere in the ballpark of 500 gil apiece directly to vendor. This spells instant profit if you can't seem to unload at the guild overnight for increased revenue.

Listen, if you are like some players I've run into who don't check vendor prices before bazaaring, you could be making your savvy peers some easy gil simply by buying up your junk and making a quick trip to offload to an npc.

If you pick up crafting, be aware of the full cost of attempting to churn out finished products with complex or higher tier material requirements. Sometimes it really is better to sell parts to other crafters who have bought into the misconception. You'll gain skill, make gil, and won't be struggling to put things together before you can realize a profit. Another point to consider is that once the initial supply choke point is breached, the cost of shards often dissolve in the equation of undercutting. This means that at certain points of saturation, you'll actually make more by not performing the synth at all and just listing the shards themselves. This makes for very inefficient leveling of skill for the novelty of selling a finished product. While there are few things cooler in the game at this point than the concept of armies of players utilizing your weapons, armor, and jewelry, you have to be wary of being sucked in to the mindset that many other players will succumb to. If you do, these people will become your competition - your goal should be to make them your customers.

At the risk of creating a post worthy of 'too long, didn't read,' I'll end this here. You know the drill by now, stay tuned for more musings on gil making in FFXIV.

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